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Plants vs Zombies 64 Bit portable Torrent Download

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies 64 Bit portable Torrent Download

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Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is a fun and easy game where you have to fight the undead with an unusual weapon known as the plants that your plants against zombies is a little different. Hordes of zombies want to eat your brains and will do their best to be in your home, you can face a number of zombies than ordinary undead, rugby players, divers and (function () {“Display-APT-pages-Desktop”);});

While you have to use strategies and tactics to survive, each few levels, plants vs zombies are severed mini-games like bowling, even if you have valgajki for the ball and the zombies instead of needles. These and other problems will bring new points which can later be used to acquire new species of plants or to improve those you already have.

In addition to the original adventure mode, Plants vs. Zombies are coming with other modes to be bored for hours. In survival mode, you must protect you from the endless hordes of zombies, so you can check how much you take while you are in the Zen Garden mode, you have time to relax and take care of your plants before you take advantage of your skills Gardening.

To protect yourself from zombies, you have a lot of flowers and vegetables to choose from: Shooting flowers, crazy enough to slow down your enemies, or with mushrooms and white do to help gather points of light to use as a currency to grow new Plants. All these plants will help make your home a zombie proof.

Management and other games

Plants vs Zombies are controlled using your mouse. Movements are easy to perform, which will help to understand the advanced stage;

Learning curve Plants vs Zombies exceptionally smooth: The game leaves you relatively free at early missions, a point where it seems that if you can walk around and relax. This minimum weight gradually increases in the worst hell of recent attacks where you need to plan your perfect defense and good use of yourResources.


Technically, plants vs. Zombies are the most avant-garde plays, but this certainly lacks anything. It has conducted signs with an exceptional design that is located at some points, you are actually starting to take care of the weird undead.


No doubt plants vs Zombies is a very fun and addictive game, you can play on your computer. The number of plants and zombies are huge, but they are slowly imposed so you can avoid being stuck on the level for a long time.

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